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what's this flower?

About - What's this flower? fast & informative recognition

What's this flower is the app for that !

What if you had the power to pull out your phone and immediately find out the name of the flower your are looking at?

Just point your camera at a flower, and let the app guess what flower you are looking at ! This app recognises more than 60 species of common flowers around the world. From the common daisy to the bird of paradise, the iris, and the zinnia ... What's this flower works using the latest computer vision methods to find the name of the most likely flower your phone is pointing at.

In addition to identifying from a growing number of flower species, the app also provides detailed information about the identified flower from wikipedia.

If the app cannot identify a flower because it has not been added to the app yet or for other reasons such as the image capture conditions, you can submit a photo of the flower and help improve the next version of the app.


  • 😄 instant recognition
  • ⭐️ wikipedia information
  • 🧭 submit images if the AI cannot recognize flower
  • 👍 personalized human help for recognition/li>
  • 🌼 identifies more than 60 species of flowers
  • 👏 constantly getting smarter

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